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Free ACCA Lectures,F5 (PM) Performance Management,F6 (TX) Taxation,F7 (FR) Financial Reporting,F8 (AA) Audit and Assurance,F9 (FM) Financial Management,(SBL) Strategic Business Leader,(SBR) Strategic Business Reporting,P4 (AFM) Advanced Financial Management,P5 (APM) Advanced Performance Management,P6 (ATX) Advanced Taxation,P7 (AAA) Advanced Audit and Assurance,Luqman Rafiq,Zya Rana,Abeel Ahmed,Rashid Hussain,Muhammad Saad Altaf,Qunber Raza

Free ACCA Lectures: Escribir Academy is giving ACCA students the opportunity to enjoy the free lectures for ALL the subjects from F5 to P7 for the upcoming exam session.

This post is not sponsored by anyone. We are promoting it free of charge. No one even asked us to promote it.

After opentution.comescribiracademy is the one, I believe, who took a step to provide ACCA candidates the free lectures of any of their courses.

When we say All the ACCA Subjects, it means subjects from F5 to P7 such as,

  • F5 (PM) Performance Management
  • F6 (TX) Taxation
  • F7 (FR) Financial Reporting
  • F8 (AA) Audit and Assurance
  • F9 (FM) Financial Management
  • (SBL) Strategic Business Leader
  • (SBR) Strategic Business Reporting
  • P4 (AFM) Advanced Financial Management
  • P5 (APM) Advanced Performance Management
  • P6 (ATX) Advanced Taxation
  • P7 (AAA) Advanced Audit and Assurance

You can get the lectures of any of these teachers:

  • Luqman Rafiq
  • Zya Rana
  • Abeel Ahmed
  • Rashid Hussain
  • Muhammad Saad Altaf
  • Qunber Raza

Free ACCA Lectures


    STEP 2: Sign-up, if you do not have an account, OR Sign-in, if you already have an account.
    STEP 3: Search for the Course you are interested in. OR click 'ACCA' on the top right corner to view all the ACCA courses.
    STEP 4: Use a coupon/promo code 'accatrial' before hitting Buy Now button.
    STEP 5: Click 'Buy Now'
    STEP 6: Click 'Enroll Now' after confirming the 100% OFF (as shown in the image above).


    - This is only for a limited time period. You can enroll for June 2022 exams only.
    - You can get only 1 course with this promo code mentioned above.


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  1. I didn't get the course even after applying the promo. I got an email that i get the subscription but the course is still closed for me.

  2. this is a fraud they just want to get your details and start sending you emails i tried getting the course but the promo didnt apply


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