[Updated] Prepare to Pass Resources - (including March, 2022 resources)

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Updated Prepare to Pass Resources Shared by ACCA Global at their Official Website, So I thought to share it with the Mates.
There will be many new Candidates enrolled in ACCA who may not know What Prepare to Pass resources are! So let me tell them a little bit about it!

What is Prepare to Pass Resources?

Prepare to Pass are the REVISION Webinars conducted by the ACCA Pakistan every session. Means, If you are about to sit in the Exam in December, A month or Two months ago ACCA Pakistan will be conducted this Prepare to Pass Webinars for all the Modules and for the Worldwide ACCA Students. They try to cover the Important topics for the upcoming session and the Questions. They try to guide candidates what their Approach should be, What to write, How to write, How to impress Examiner, How to obtain marks, How to gain extra marks and How to Prepare for the Exam.
Students have to Registered prior to the start of webinars.

Prepare to Pass Resources | ACCA Pakistan | ACCA GLOBAL

How to Registered for Prepare to Pass Webinar?

Click here to Register. This page will take you to the Official Page where you can see the List, What webinars are going to be conducted! when are they going to be conducted! what teachers are going to be conducted! and The Registration links.

Are they Helpful?

Of course, they are! I have been watching these Webinars and Helping me a lot to Pass my Exams. They are at least showing me the right way to prepare and revise my syllabus for the exams.

Prepare to Pass Resources

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Good Luck 👍 and Enjoy! 😊

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  2. I am a student of ACCA in Sailkot and I really wanna thank you for all of this stuff.

  3. Thanks for sharing the material to pass the ACCA exams. Many student like me, will pass their exams of ACCA in Pakistan

  4. any scene of PM latest materials?


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