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Aim of MA1 Management Information:

MA1 - Management Information: Aim is to provide the knowledge and practice to assist you to succeed in the Paper MA1 Management Information exam. In all areas covered by the syllabus and instruction guide, you need a thorough understanding to pass the exam.


This PDF is provided as a Demo. This PDF cannot replace the Book at any Cost. We request you use it only in your Desktop and Mobile and Do Not Print It Out. We recommend you to buy the Hard Copy of this book from the Nearest Store or Online from Approved Seller.

What MA1 Management Information is about

The aim of this syllabus is to build knowledge and understanding of the principles and techniques used for internal management purposes in the recording, analysis and reporting of costs and revenues. It includes information on management, cost recording, costing methods, source documents, and spreadsheets.

Approach to examining the syllabus

Paper MA1 Management Information is a paper that's two hours long. It can be taken as a written paper or as an examination based on a computer. Objective test questions, multiple choice, number entry and multiple response, are the questions in the computer-based examination. (For frequently asked questions about computer based examinations, see page xiv.)

Syllabus and Study guide

By visiting the exam resource finder on the ACCA website, you can find the entire MA1 Management Information syllabus and study guide:

Recommended Approach to Pass MA1 Management Information

  • Make sure that you are able to answer questions about everything the syllabus. You can not make any assumptions about the questions that come up on your exam.
  • Learning is Active Process. Try to question yourself, i.e. DO YOU KNOW THIS? HOW TO USE IT? Checklists to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics and areas covered in MA1 Management Information by filling in blank spaces. Then check your answer against DID YOU KNOW? Checklists. In that case, do not try to try any question that you can not fill in any of the blanks. Instead, go back to your Interactive Text and Revise it.
  • Think about the errors you know you should avoid when you are reviewing a topic. At the end of each, ask yourself, DO YOU KNOW THIS?
  • Once you have successfully completed the checklists, you should try the questions on that topic. Each question is worth of 2 marks and a time allocation of 2.4 minutes is carried with it.
  • Once all the questions in the body of this Practice & Revision Kit have been completed, you are now under the exam conditions, the MOCK EXAMS should be attempted at that time. Check your answers against our kits answers to see how well you did.

This strategy is a suggestion only. It may well be adapted to meet your needs by you or your college. Don't forget that this is a practical course.

  • Try relating the material to your workplace experience or any other work experience that you may have had.
  • At the Introductory and Intermediate levels, try to create as many links as you can to other exams.

Before the Exam

Before you take the exam, make sure that you still remember the material by using the following quick revision plan.

  • At the beginning of each chapter, read through the chapter topic list. Any gaps in your knowledge are there? If so, Study the topic again.
  • Read the key terms and learn.
  • Look at the focus points for the exam. These indicate the ways in which topics could be examined.
  • Read the chapter roundups, which in each chapter are a summary of the fast forwards.
  • Again, do those fast quizzes. When you know what exactly you're doing, it shouldn't take long.

ma1 - Exam kit

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