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Revising P6

Topics to revise

First, we must emphasize that you will need a good knowledge of the entire syllabus. This means learning /memorizing the rules in order to answer questions. The exam team has commented that it is a lack of accurate knowledge that causes problems for many candidates during the exam.
Any part of the syllabus could be tested within the mandatory Section A. That said, there are certain issues that are particularly important:
  • The calculation of the income tax payable, including the limitation/restrictions of personal allowances and income tax credits.
  • Personal pension plans/schemes, in particular, the annual allowance charge and the annual allowance.
  • The basis of the evaluation for companies that are not incorporated in society, including rules on startup and termination. Do not neglect the impact of losses in these situations.
  • The calculation of employment benefits so you can make reasonable comparisons between compensation/remuneration packages. Make sure you can also advise on tax-free benefits as well. The rules for share plans/schemes and termination payments must be well known
  • The structure and mechanics of inheritance tax (for example, transfer types, nil/zero-rate band, seven-year syllabus)
  • Exemptions and reliefs available for different taxes, in particular for capital gains tax (for example, exemption of business owners (entrepreneurs' relief), exemption/relief of gifts, rollover (reinvestment) relief) and inheritance tax (for example, exemption of spouse, exemption/relief commercial property) Exemptions and reliefs are the basis of any tax planning
  • The calculation of corporate tax, including dealing with loan relationships, intangible assets, and research and development expenses/expenditures.
  • Close/Nearby companies, including the position of the participants.
  • All aspects of corporate tax groups, including the impact of 51% related group companies, loss relief, chargeable/taxable gains groups, the effect of group VAT registration and stamp tax groups. You must pay special attention to the impact on corporate restructuring.
  • For value-added tax, land and building rules, capital goods scheme, special VAT schemes available for small businesses so you can advise if appropriate and partial exemption rules
  • Overseas/Foreign aspects of income tax, CGT, IHT, corporate tax and VAT
  • Tax administration, including filing dates, fines, and interest for all taxes.
  • Ethical considerations when acting for clients

Practice questions

You should use the BPP passcards and any brief notes you have to review/revise these topics, but you should not spend all your revising time reading passively. The practice of the questions is vital; Practicing all the questions you can in full will help you develop your skills and ability to analyze scenarios and produce relevant debates/discussions and recommendations.

You should make sure to allow enough time to yourself during your revision to practice the questions in Section A, as you cannot avoid them, and the scenarios and requirements of the questions in Section A are more complex than the Questions in Section B. You should also allow yourself enough time to do all three mock exams.

Passing the P6 exam

Avoid weaknesses

We give details of the comments and criticisms of the examination team at various points throughout this Kit. These reports always emphasize the need to demonstrate a fairly broad knowledge of the syllabus, but also to identify and justify the availability (or non-availability) of exemptions and particular reliefs. There are several things you can do on exam day to increase your chances. Although all this sounds basic, the exam team has commented that the scripts show:
  • A failure to read the question and requirements properly and answer the set of questions, instead producing irrelevant `` pieces ''
  • Clear evidence of poor time management
  • Tendency to confuse CGT and IHT and even personal and corporate tax issues
Be sure to try only four questions (since only four will be marked) clearly labeled page.
Finally, never cross out your work. These may be correct and you will not be given credit if you have crossed out the working.
p6 - Exam kit

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