Is BBA better than ACCA?

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Is BBA better than ACCA?

This is the question that is most frequently asked by the students when they completed their Secondary or Higher Education and Planning their future.
I believe, as I belong to ACCA student, I am eligible to answer this question.
So the question is, which one is better? ACCA or BBA? Well, in fact, both the courses are good.

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ACCA is a professional certification, but it is not a degree. Well, it is a well-known and well-recognized course because it is that qualification which makes you a global chartered accountant.


More opportunities: ACCA makes you eligible to be an all-rounder in the field of business. ACCA gives you the knowledge and makes you eligible to handle all the fields of the business such as Accounting, Audit, tax, advisory, consulting, and many more.

A stepping qualification for a brighter career: You can get an exemption after completing the ACCA Course if you are pursuing other qualifications such as ICAEW, CIMA, CMA. You only have to complete a few papers such as 3 at the maximum.


Limited college life: ACCA is a professional qualification and the subjects are comprehensive and broad. So your tutors are going to force you to spend more time on your studies.

Difficulty: ACCA PASS rates are only 35%, trust me. So it's kind of difficult to clear up.


BBA is a degree course. It only gives you a better understanding of the business in a limited way.


College life is incredible: you basically have a lot of time to enjoy, it is not that difficult as a subject. You can have lots of fun here.


The opportunities are less: Why I say this is because after engineering, nursing, there are many people who pursue MBA. So just imagine what it would be like if you only had a BBA.

Conclusion: ACCA is better than BBA, in my opinion. What matters is the opportunities you get.

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