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What is BT in ACCA?

Business and Technology is a gateway paper that covers a wide range of topics but at a relatively low level. It's important not to delve too deeply into any one topic so that you can evenly distribute your time between them.

Business and Technology will teach you how effectively, efficiently, and ethically businesses operate, as well as the critical role that finance professionals play in achieving these goals.

These F1 (BT) Business and Technology Notes will help you to revise your topics quickly and enable you to prepare well for your ACCA F1 (BT) Business and Technology Exam.

What is Business Technology?

Simply, business technology is any application of information technology that is integrated into a company's operations.

What is the relationship between Business and Technology?

Technology refers to the tools and practices that help you meet customer needs while increasing your ability to maximize business opportunities, meet market demand, and improve your performance over time.

Otherwise put, those who prioritize technology in their outlook, capabilities, and leadership mandate will be the ones to lead in the future.

F1 BT - Business and Technology Notes

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