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It is a Professional Module of Professional Qualification ACCA Consist of only Standards. It requires you to demonstrate your ability to make strategic decisions regarding business reporting. You'll be evaluated on ideas, hypotheses, values and crucially the ability to adapt this expertise to real-life situations within the business reporting climate.

Are you ready for SBR?

The underlying knowledge from Financial Reporting is an important factor for success in SBR acca exams. So, whether you're new to ACCA (Chartered Certified Accountants), haven't been studying for a while, or just want to check how well you know the core materials, we've created 5 self-check quizzes to evaluate your underlying knowledge and get personalized advice on your next steps and how to effectively study for SBR. Access the SBR self-check quizzes now.

Students who has completed the Ethics and Professional Skills Module (EPSM) before undertaking Strategic Professional Exams will considerably boost their odds of passing the exams and obtaining Accountant Qualification and EPSM be ideally planned for the early stages of your studies. Read more on Ethics and Professional Skills Module. Learn more about Ethics module and Professional Skills module.

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  • The SBR Strategic Business Reporting syllabus and study guide were designed to assist with the analysis of preparation and to provide detailed details about what could be measured at every exam session.
  • Please note that as per July 2020, there are two versions of the syllabus and study guide:
  • International (INT)
  • United Kingdom (UK), which also covers Ireland (IRL)
Learn More about the latest syllabus from here

SBR top tips:

  1. real life reading – e.g. real company financial statements
  2. Wide cover of the syllabus-wide rather than deep
  3. Practice questions and take some time to review your responses
  4. Aspects written are very important – do not just practice numbers
  5. get used to planning and writing clear answers.

Examining team guidance

Reports by the examiners are an essential resource for the study. Read them to learn about and how to avoid errors that students commonly make in exams. The guidance articles and video outline the overall approach to the syllabus and the exam, and give tips on how to improve your exam performance.
Examiner Reports are here

Why BPP?

BPP University is an ACCA approved content provider. Moreover, the BPP Practice & Revision Kit is an important learning resource to be competitive in Strategic Business Reporting and gain ACCA certification as it helps students to test their expertise by putting theory into practice, improves BPP's financial reporting skills and offers guidance on enhancing vital performance skills in BPP exams.
How do I study for an SBR?

Make sure you do all the questions in the P&R kit with the aim of testing and learning from your knowledge of those topics. Manage your time in exam. I read the paper for the first 7-8 minutes in the examination and decided which questions / parts I'll be doing first. Then I went for it.
Read the Students Experience from here and More from here

Is ACCA SBR hard?

I always consider AAA to be the most demanding paper in ACCA professional examination. From Audit & Assurance (AA) to Strategic Business Reporting (SBR), the knowledge required goes. Most marks derive more from the application and understanding of that knowledge than from the knowledge itself.

How to Run a PDF Documents?

It is good to students know how to run these files that ACCAGlobalBox provides to the ACCA Students, as almost all of the material is usually in PDF format.

To run a pdf file, you need relevant pdf readers means software like Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader etc. You can find these free adobe software from google.

Are ACCA professional papers computer based?

As part of their commitment to enhancing qualification, ACCA is replacing the Strategic Professional paper-based examinations with computer-based examinations (CBEs) as of March 2020. This transition from paper to computer will help ACCA students continue on their Applied Skills digital journey.

Which is the toughest paper in ACCA?

It depends on your abilities, really. There are those who consider the audit paper (F8) to be awful; I 'd include myself in that list, and then waltz through it those people. Those who are computationally oriented will find F8, SBL, P5, and P7 very difficult, whereas F7, F9, SBR and P4 are easy to find.

What does it means if Student Fails in between 45% and 49% in SBR?

ACCA publishes SBR retake guide to assist students who failed to pass SBR exam in future attempts. It says students who receive marks between 45 and 49 percent are considered a marginal failure. The reason for this is not because they lack technical knowledge or are not well prepared, but poor examination technique does.

SBR - BPP Exam Kit

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