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Studying FAB/F1

How to Use this Interactive Text

Aim of this Interactive Text

To pass the examination you need a thorough understanding of all areas covered by the syllabus and teaching guide.

Recommended approach

  1. To be succeeded in this exam, you must need to be capable to answer questions on the entirety distinct with the aid of the syllabus and educating guide. Read the Interactive Text very cautiously and do now not skip any topic of it.
  2. Learning is an energetic process. Do all the questions as you work thru the Interactive Text so you can be certain you genuinely apprehend what you have read.
  3. After you have studied the material in the Interactive Text, work thru the Practice Question Bank, checking your solutions cautiously against the Practice Answer Bank.
  4. Before you take the exam, take a look at that you nevertheless be aware the fabric the usage of the following rapid revision plan.
    • Read thru the chapter topics list at the starting of every chapter. Are there any gaps in your knowledge? If so, learn about the section again.
    • Read and examine the key terms.
    • Look at the examination important and focus points. These exhibit the ways in which topics would possibly be examined.
    • Read the chapter roundups, which are a precis of the quick forwards in every chapter.
    • Do the fast quizzes again. If you know what you're doing, they shouldn't take long.
This strategy is solely a suggestion. You or your college may additionally properly adapt it to suit your needs.
Remember this is a realistic, sensible, practical course.
  1. Try to relate the provided material to your journey of experience in the place of work or any different work experience you may have had.
  2. Try to make as many hyperlinks as you can to different papers at the Introductory and Intermediate levels.

What FAB/F1 is about

The general point of the Accountant in Business syllabus is to present accountancy solidly in its unique circumstance
as a critical business function. This incorporates:
  • Business corporation, partners, stakeholders and the business condition
  • Business structure, capacities and administration, including social duty
  • Accounting and its association with different business functions
  • Review, Internal management and Audit
  • Individuals management and control issues
  • Effectiveness and communications
  • Professional ethics within the commercial enterprise environment

Brought forward knowledge

There is no assumed introduced ahead expertise for this paper.

Approach to examining the syllabus

Paper FAB/F1 is a 2 hour paper. it could be taken as a written paper or a computer based exam.
The questions within the computer based exam are objective test questions or different multiple task questions – multi-response, multi-choice, multi-response matching, number entry, picklists and hotspots.

Passing the exam

  • Read the question with full concentrate, focus. means carefully.
  • Don’t spend too much or more than the allocated time on the questions and Don’t be Panic. If you are having problem with the question, Take a break, take a deep breathe, think of it, recall, decide and go with your best Choice. Answer the question and Move on!

F1 (AB) KAPLAN Exam Kit

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