Reason For Removal of BPP Material

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We want to inform the users of ACCAGlobalBox that "ALL THE BPP MATERIAL HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THE".


We have created goodwill and gained the trust of ACCA Candidates over the years, Hence, It was our responsibility to inform our users. We have been receiving lots of Emails. Users are desperate to know the Reason and Future possibility of the availability.

Sometimes you have to take steps that are not in your favor but restores your lost peace. Being professional in your profession and following the religion, You should not do what is not ethical.
It is really hard to take such steps especially when you have created a goodwill/reputation and gained trust, a lot of students depend on you, you have put a lot of effort into it and spent years to make it successful, having almost 0.15 million (1.50 lakh) visits per month, But following the guidelines of profession and religion makes it easy for you to take such steps.
We realize it a bit late but 'Better late than never.'

We were sharing all the material without their publishers' permission. We were taking the material from open sources that were fair to use but if your heart is still not satisfied and not in peace, you cannot keep it going.

A few months back we contacted BPP for the legal rights to use their material. In our request, we had promised that if BPP will not provide us legal permission and ask us to remove the material, we will do it.

They responded 2 months later after sending them a remainder. They deny giving us the legal rights to use their material and ask to remove all their material from the site.

Despite the promise of immediate removal of all the BPP material from the site, we still request them for legal permission but they denied it.

We tried our best to negotiate with them but unfortunately, we couldn't succeed.

As per our promise and BPP's demand, we are removing All of the BPP material from the site.

We have sent a similar email to Kaplan also and the reminder as well but we haven't got a response from them yet.

If they too do not agree, we have to remove their material as well.

We also request the ACCA students "Please, be ethical". Purchase the material from the respective Publisher's Approved Book stores.

Even if you get something on the internet for free, please do not print them out.

Is this the End?

Lots of students contacting us and asking 'Is this the End?'
We have got the answer for you... "NO"

We will keep on sharing the Notes, Mock Exams, and other stuff. We will try our best, from now onwards, Whatever be shared on, Should be shared with the Legal Permission.

We still request, If anyone believes, their material is been shared on Our site without their permission and they want us to take it down, they can feel free to contact us at


We have decided to help ACCA Community in a different way from now onward.
"We will be helping ACCA Community by writing and sharing students friendly self-written articles on almost all the topics that are part of ACCA." Such as topics related to, Accounting Standards, Budgeting, Business Module, Taxation, Performance Management, Financial Reporting, Business Management, Financial Accounting, Auditing, Laws, Financial Management, Strategic Leadership, and Case Studies, etc.

We are trying our best and We request you, and all other ACCA students to Join hands with us and let's help the ACCA Community Together.


If you are good at any topic whether it is CAPM, Depreciation, Blockchain, IAS, Inherent Tax, Audit Risk, or Anything else... Anything... Just write it and send it to us at

We will share with full credit given to you.

Try to write it in a Student-friendly manner and keep it as easy as possible so the students can understand it better.

You can write as many topics as you can and Even If you can write only 1 topic, Whoever will read, will be thankful to you. And even if none, ACCA Students including ACCAGloablBox will still be thankful to you.


Here are few examples. Just go through it, see How we have written.

  1. Transfer Pricing
  2. IFRS 13 - Fair Value
  3. IFRS 5 - Non-Current Asset held for sale and Discontinued Operations

If that is tough/difficult for you, Write normally without any format. like, No bullet points, No Quoted Text, No Bold Text, etc. We will edit your article and give it a proper format and will share it on ACCAGlobalBox by giving full credit to you.
But Make Sure, NOT TO COPY EVERYTHING from Google, Study Texts, and Notes. You should try to write assuming that You are a Teacher and you are explaining to the Students.


You can write the article on MS Word or Notepad.


You can send it to us at


As we said earlier, "If you can write, Whoever will read will be thankful to you. And even if you can't, ACCA Students including ACCAGloablBox will still be thankful to you.

 ❤️ THANK YOU ❤️

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  1. this is the epitome of dumbness.

    1. Whatever it is But we are happy with our act. The inner peace after that we are feeling, can't describe in words.

  2. I respect your decision. Glad to still see you guys striving to help students in a different way though! You have helped countless number of students. Thank You

  3. I mean why would they give permission to something that would harm their business. That said you can upload all the bpp materials to a mega folder or so students can still access it if they would like.

    1. Has no one really got them uploaded to Google drive or something?January 24, 2022 at 8:12 PM

      Has no one really got them in Google drive?

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