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We have noticed, So many Users facing difficulty in downloading the Documents from "".

We, therefore, have decided to provide them Complete guidance on downloading their documents.

Make sure you have Cleared the Cookies and Cache of the browser and then follow these steps.

1: Open the website " " in Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc,  But Not Through Social Media APP such as Facebook.

2: Must Grant permission to the Browser.

When you will click on "DOWNLOAD", It is possible that you didn't give permission to your browser to show the popup.

In that case, You have to click on "Always Show"  (if you are using mobile)

And if you are using Desktop/Laptop,
You will see a Cross Red Icon x on the top right corner of the browser address bar.
  1. Click on it
  2. Choose "Always allow pop-up"
  3. And then "Done"

3: After that, You have to Wait Until the Yellow Progress Bar is Completed.

4: Once the Progress Bar is Completed, A button will Appear "Click here to proceed",

You have to hit on it.

5: Wait 15 seconds

6: Hit the "Download" button.

7:  After hitting the "Download Button", Your Download should start automatically Whether you are using a Desktop/Laptop or Mobile, But if your system detects "Google Drive App" in your device, Then, The file is forced to open in Google Drive.

Choose your account linked to Google Drive to open the file.

8: Wait until the Document Loads.

9: Once Document is Fully Loaded, "Hit Three Parallel Dots placed at Top Right Corner"

10: Then Click "Download" to download the file on your device, OR click "Make Available Offline" to save the file in your Google Drive Account.

NOTE - If you are not getting a notification of "Pop-up Blocked, Always Show", Then Do Three Things.

  1. Clear the Cookies and Cache of your Brower from Brower Settings
  2. Delete Bowser APP Data from Mobile Settings
  3. If the above Two did not work, CHANGE THE BROWER.

If You are still unable to download, Contact Us...! 👈

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  1. hi i am an acca student i had downloaded many books of acca from here but recently tried downloading acca f4 bpp kit but saw a message saying file has been removed by the host? Can you please repost it ?

  2. I cannot download the book


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