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Revising P7

Topics to revise

Paper P7 is a challenging higher level paper consisting of two compulsory case-study style questions in Section A (worth a total of 60 marks) and two out of three short scenario questions in Section B (worth a total of 40 marks).

The P7 examination team has stated that planning and risk assessment are key areas which are likely to form part of a compulsory question. Evidence is also likely to feature in Section A. Reporting could come up in either a compulsory or optional question (although it has tended to be optional), similarly ethical and professional issues. Current issues could come up anywhere on the paper so it is important that students do not ignore this area and make sure they keep up to date by reading Student Accountant and reviewing the accountancy and financial press. It has been a feature of P7 in recent years for questions to mix together several different syllabus areas. One consequence of this is to make it more difficult for candidates to avoid areas of the syllabus that they do not like.

One of the general features of Professional level papers is the availability of professional marks. These will generally be awarded in Section A and comprise four marks. They will be awarded for the degree of professionalism with which answers are presented. For example, if you are asked to set out your answer as a letter or a report, marks will be awarded for presentation – using the correct heading at the start, and including an appropriate introduction and conclusion. Other professional marks could be awarded for the form of your answer such as the structure or logical flow of arguments. Where professional marks are available then the question requirement will state this.

To summarise, although this paper does contain an optional element, we strongly advise that you do not selectively revise certain topics – any topic from the syllabus could be examined. Selective revision will limit the number of questions you can answer and hence reduce your chances of passing. 

Question practice

You should use the Passcards and any brief notes you have to revise the syllabus, but you mustn't spend all your revision time passively reading. Question practice is vital; doing as many questions as you can in full will help develop your ability to analyse scenarios and produce relevant discussion and recommendations. Make sure you leave enough time in your revision schedule to practise Section A questions, as these questions are compulsory in the exam. The scenarios and requirements of Section A questions are more complex and will integrate several parts of the syllabus, so practice is essential. Also ensure that you attempt all three mock exams under exam conditions.
P7 (AAA) BPP Exam Kit

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