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SBL mirrors the workplace and offers you real world challenges that allow you to demonstrate a combination of technical, realistic and professional competencies.
Work through the Module of Ethics and Professional Skills before you begin, or alongside your studies. This gives you insight into the professional skills you can apply in your examination and at work.

Introduction to Strategic Business Leader

The ACCA Strategic Business Leader Exam is structured to mirror the workplace and includes the presentation of a variety of technological, ethical , and professional skills. It checks your ability to act as a virtual workplace accountant, and asks you to respond to people 's requests in various positions. It's not only the technical quality of your response that matters, but how professional your answer is. Use the revision kit to practice better for the exam.

Are you ready for SBL?

Based on the skills previously learned in the ACCA qualification including governance, ethics, risk management , quality control, policy and leadership is an significant factor in the success of SBL exams.

So, if you are new to ACCA, have not been training for a while, or just want to test how well you know the core materials, we've developed 5 self-testing quizzes to assess your fundamental knowledge and get personalized guidance on your next steps and how to effectively prepare for SBL. Access the latest quizzes on the SBL self-check now.

We know that students who have completed the Module of Ethics and Professional Skills are far more likely to pass SBL so make sure that you incorporate EPSM into your studies. Learn more about Module on Ethics and Professional Skills.

SBL top tips:

  1. Plan to study the content of a syllabus as soon as possible
  2. Start practice as soon as possible with questions on case study
  3. Focus on your technical credentials right from the start
  4. Check every specimen and past test material in complete and in good time

SBL CBE Introduction

ACCA is launching CBEs for the Strategic Technical Exams at selected locations from March 2020.

Strategic Professional CBEs use the same kind of technology that is found in the workplace today, including specially crafted spreadsheet and word processing response options. That means the ACCA exams closely resemble the functioning of a modern finance professional, enhancing your employability skills.

Examining team guidance

The advice video and article explains the overall approach to the syllabus and the test, and includes tips about how to improve performance of the test.

Statements by the examiners are an important tool for the study. Read them to learn about and how to avoid errors that students commonly make in exams. These function particularly well if used in conjunction with the related past analysis.

Study support guide

The Strategic Business Leader research support guide was developed to give you a systematic, phased approach to your studies. Click here to download

Retake guides

Retake guides help you understand where your previous test(s) went wrong and offer instructions on how to handle your retake. Click here to download

Improve your English language skills while studying for your ACCA Qualification.
To complete the ACCA Qualification you need basic skills in mathematics and English. We have a free resource, the BPP University English Language help for ACCA (Chartered Certified Accountants) to assist you with these skills.

How this course can help you

  • Get free, versatile on-line support-on any device at any time
  • Learn the English language skills you need for each stage of your ACCA trip
  • For through ACCA Qualification Exam the material is customized to help you
  • Improve your chances of success at every ACCA Qualification stage
  • Make yourself more attractive to employers by learning professional English business.

How to Run a PDF Documents?

It is good to students know how to run these files that ACCAGlobalBox provides to the ACCA Students, as almost all of the study material is usually in PDF format.

To run a pdf file, you need relevant pdf readers means software like Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader etc. You can find these free adobe software from google.

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SBL - BPP Exam Kit

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