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Studying F9

This paper examines a vast range of monetary management topics, many of which will be absolutely new to you. You will need to be competent at a range of quite tricky calculations as well as being able to explain and discuss financial management techniques and issues.

The F9 examination team

The ACCA examination team expects you to be capable to operate and comment on calculations, exercising essential abilities, sincerely show understanding of the syllabus and use question information. Members of the F9 examination crew are sometimes involved in writing technical articles.

Members of the F9 examination crew are once in a while involved in writing technical articles. Any articles are available on the ACCA website. Make sure you examine them to obtain further perception into what the F9 examination team is searching for.

Syllabus update

The F9 syllabus has been updated for the September 2016 sitting onwards. The syllabus changes are summarised below.

Summary of changes to F9

There have been no amendments to the F9 syllabus since the last 2016–2017 syllabus, except that the distinction between operating and finance leases is no longer examinable.

1 What F9 is about

The goal of this syllabus is to advance the understanding and abilities predicted of a finance manager in relation to investment, financing and dividend coverage decisions.

F9 is a center level paper in the ACCA qualification structure. There are some links to material you have included in F2, specially momentary decision-making techniques. The paper with a direct hyperlink following F9 is P4 which thinks strategically and considers wider environmental factors. F9 requires you to be able to practice methods and assume about their have an effect on on the organisation.

2 What capabilities are required?

  • You are anticipated to have a core of management accounting expertise from Paper F2.
  • You will be required to raise out calculations, with clear workings and a logical structure.
  • You will be required to interpret data.
  • You will be required to provide an explanation for management accounting strategies and discuss whether they are appropriate for a precise organisation.
  • You should be capable to observe your skills in a sensible context.

3 How to improve your chances of passing

  • There is no desire in this paper; all questions have to be answered. You need to consequently find out about the entire syllabus; there are no shortcuts. 
  • The first section of the paper consists of 15 multiple choice questions, worth two marks each.
  • These will inevitably cover a wide range of the syllabus. 
  • Practising questions under timed conditions is essential. BPP's Practice & Revision Kit contains 2 mark, 10 mark and 20 mark questions to help you practise this.
  • Questions in Sections B and C will be based on simple scenarios and answers to Section C
  • questions must be focused and specific to the organisation. 
  • Answer plans in Section C will help you to focus on the requirements of the question and enable you to manage your time effectively.  
  • Answer all parts of the questions in Section C. Even if you can't do all of the calculation elements, you will nevertheless be able to acquire marks in the discussion parts. 
  • Make sure your answers center of attention on sensible functions of administration accounting, frequent experience is essential!
  • Keep an eye out for articles, as the examination team will use the articles to communicate with students.

4 Brought forward knowledge

You will need to have a good working knowledge of certain management accounting techniques from F2. In particular, you will need to be familiar with the capital budgeting process, and be able to apply the concepts of interest and discounting. This includes being able to calculate annuities and perpetuities, and to use the discount and annuity tables to calculate net present values.
This Study Text revises these topics and added ahead information is identified. If you fighting with the examples and questions used, you must go lower back and revisit your preceding work. The ACCA examination team will expect you comprehend this fabric and it may also structure part of an examination question.
F9 (FM) BPP Exam Kit

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